Laser Therapy

We are excited to announce our new therapy for your pet!

Dr. Thurman and the staff of Desert Sage Veterinary Clinic are excited to now offer the many benefits of laser therapy for our patients. This therapy is safe and backed by clinical studies both in veterinary and human medicine.

Laser therapy reduces pain, accelerates the healing process, reduces inflammation, and reduces the need for prescription drugs.

Laser Therapy is very helpful in treating a wide variety of conditions from arthritis and other joint issues to skin complaints and infections. In addition, we recommend the application of Laser Therapy with all dentals, spays, neuters, and declaws to help reduce pain and speed healing.

Call us at 602-433-0198 with your questions about our new therapy, or schedule an appointment with us to discuss how this non-invasive, science-backed therapy can help your pet and complement your existing treatment programs. We are excited at the prospect of helping your pet with laser therapy.

Please click on the button below to visit the Companion Laser Therapy website for owners.